Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Future of Banking Roundtable Discussion

I went to Oxford last night, and I was not impressed by the conference. As usual the so-called experts (!!) were spouting out the same old thinking, and the same old ideas ad nauseam. The only person worth listening to was ofcourse Ben Dyson. But it is stuff again we have heard before in monetary reform but it was a refreshing change in perspective compared with the other experts!
I nearly died of laughter when one of the intelligent (!!) students (probably) seemed to be amazed that the economy was essentially a credit bubble in the making! I managed after a bit of a rumpus to get some mention of Transfinancial Economics but it would be quite beyond the dull, small minded experts who were present apart from Dyson possibly.
What was perhaps more interesting was that there was no reference at all to how banking affects social, and economics issues such as poverty, population growth, climate change, et al. I did get the odd cheer on this point though from a very tiny portion of the audience who were in the main probably more interested in feathering their own nests by using financial instruments (ie.the banking casino!).
All in all a dismal discussion apart from Dysons short talk. But ofcourse I should have expected this. Maybe I did, but probably went there just to get wound up by the parroting of the same old "twaddle" by experts (!!!).
As Chaucer crudely put it......the experts (apart from Dyson) were "....not worth a fart."

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