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Release of Brief Hazel Henderson Post.

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Subject: [GJM] Release of Brief Hazel Henderson Post.

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hi Robert just forwarding this on... all the best alan
Thread-Topic: Transfinancial Economics
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Hi Robert Searle;

I am also a Brit , grew up in Bristol and Clevedon . Now as US citizen grateful for our new president

One of my friends, John Theaker , of Green Your in London sent me your paper on Transfinancial Economics . It is in alignment with much of my own writing ( see the homepage at and , click on Editorials and The Politics of Money.

The current financial mess is a new “ teachable monoent “ on the true nature of money !

Warm wishes,

Hazel Henderson

HAZEL HENDERSON, D.Sc.Hon., FRSA, author, futurist, president - Ethical Markets Media, LLC Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy has won a 2007 Nautilus Award for Conscious Business/Leadership and a 2008 Axiom Award for best business book. Visit,, and for the latest information on socially responsible investing, green technologies and global corporate citizenship.

Ethical Markets Media, LLC; PO Box 5190, St. Augustine, FL 32085; Phone: 904/829-3140, Fax: 904/826-0325

In later communication which did not appear on a GJM discussion post she wrote to Michel Bauwens, and myself (the blogger).

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 9:43 PM, Hazel Henderson <> wrote:
Dear Robert Searle and Hi Michel :
I have been following Robert’s creative work on Transfinancial Economics with great interest.
Michel : thanks for publishing this work and for all you do to keep us abreast of this kind of futures research.. AND, special thanks for your very kind endorsement of our GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® ! I have just finished an invitational paper, “ LOOKING BACK FROM 2020 “ for one of our upcoming conferences of pioneer asset managers . Also , my “ From Rigged Carbon Markets to Green Investing “ was posted yesterday ( under “ Potemkin Markets “ my original title ) by the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets , of which our company is a member. If you want to distribute it on P2P , this is OK if you mention that it will appear in FORESIGHT ( U.K) forthcoming.
Robert : I very much agree with your ethical approach, goals and values and for the intricate modeling on how all this might be implemented in a national level electronic payments and transfers system. I have all the old Technocracy documents on BTU-based currencies and the Venus Project is, near here in Florida and I remember being visited by its founder, Jacque Fresco, some years ago. At that time I was writing The Politics of the Solar Age ( Doubleday, 1981, 1988 ) and working with Louis and Patricia Kelso on ESOPs , Norman Kurland, as well as Mike Linton founder of LETS and Edgar Cahn founder of Time Banking , while teaching at Schumacher College in Devon. I found the Venus Project too technocratic for my taste , but very creative and he has stuck with it ! ........

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Release of Brief Hazel Henderson Post.

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