Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Meeting Dr Wall, et al

Novemeber 2005

Dear ALL<

Slough4Peace has been hosting various events in
memory of Brockway Fenner, a noted politician. On one
occasions I went to hear a talk by Dr. Derek Wall.
There were a few other people present in St Marys
Church in Slough.

He is an economist who is also a noted lecturer at the
University of London. He is also an ecosocialist who
has published articles, and certain books. In this
case, he was trying to promote Babylon, and Beyond
published by Pluto Press. I had the honour of examing
a copy of it, and commended Dr. Wall for his excellent
bibliography. I also noted he has some info on
monetary reform, and later on at my insistence talked
how money was created out of thin air. The audience
were a little taken aback about this because they
clearly knew next to nothing about the subject.
Ofcourse, I discussed something about Transfinancial
Economics which again caused a stir, and Wall seemed
interested in it, and hopefully when he has time do a
critique on the subject.

One of my emailers (connnected with the Society for
Scientific Exploration)is a certain David Axelrod who
holds a Phd in economics from Rutgers (USA). He has
been fascinated by my ideas on Transfinancial
Economics, and has been offering his services. Other
academics are also slowly waking up to the massive
revolutionary import of it too.


PS, A picture in Dr. Walls book show Clifford Douglass
face on a dollar bill!!!!!!!!!

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